Database Support Technician

This job offers a rewarding, fulfilling, and busy day.
Telcare Corp. is a 24-year old established firm.

We are a drug-free workplace, and any offer of employment is contingent on passing a drug test.

About Telcare:

Telcare provides customer satisfaction surveys to businesses, who then use that feedback to improve customer service and retention. We specialize in telephone surveys conducted by work-at-home agents, but also conduct web-based and mailed surveys as needed by our clients.

Job Description:

This job involves complex processing of MS Excel client data files for import to a SQL database, and managed through MS Access. You would also be creating and running reports through Access, SQL, and Crystal Reports. In addition, candidate would be trained to operate highly technical mailing equipment for the mailed surveys. You would utilize other software to process the web-based and mailed surveys. Finally, you would provide help desk support to clients needing assistance with our online Report Catalog.


Strong command of MS Excel and Access advanced functions is a requirement. In MS Excel, you must be able to create advanced formulas, pivot tables, and graphs/charts. In Access, you must have a strong understanding of data types, and be able to create new tables, import/link data, and write complex nested joined-table nested to extract data. You must have an ability to quickly learn custom software and adhere to detailed procedures. Additional requirements include excellent communications skills and a complete command of the English language. You must be able to type quickly, utilize spell check, and formulate coherent reports using proper grammar and punctuation. Help desk experience is a plus.

Wages and Taxes:

The position pays $22-$35 per hour commensurate with experience and employment status. Although health insurance is not provided, Telcare has a competitive package of other employee benefits, including a generous 401k plan, along with vacation and holiday pay.


Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, with a half of an hour for unpaid lunch time.

Dress Code: Mon-Thurs: Professional casual; Friday: Casual, jeans okay

Growth opportunity: Responsibility and salary increases


Apply for this opportunity by clicking here and attaching your resume to the email.  Only happy, well-adjusted, mature, experienced people need apply.