Spanish Language Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Research & Surveys

Telcare provides our Central and South American clients with exactly what they need: Spanish language surveys and retention mailings for customer satisfaction by researching a sample of the target market.  As with all of our services, each offering is custom developed for the client.

Spanish-speaking Telephone Surveys

customer satisfaction sample researchTelcare develops the telephone survey script.  The questionnaire for sampling customer satisfaction includes responses in the most appropriate customer dialect for the area they will be calling.  Slang and technical terms are obtained and expertly incorporated into both the survey agent training and the survey itself.  Clients have the option to have verbatim comments reported in the original Spanish or translated by Telcare’s fully bi-lingual agents into English.

When it comes to reporting the survey response data, we work with our clients to learn what chart and graph views will most effectively depict the survey outcome.  Our Online Survey Report system is so flexible that menu report selections, report headers, descriptions, and all data elements can be in Spanish.

We have experience calling Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Columbia and many other countries requiring fully bilingual survey agents.  In addition, we can even handle your customer satisfaction survey questionnaire needs in Brazil with Portuguese language surveys.

Spanish Language Surveys:
Mailed / Email / Web / Text

Similar to Telcare’s Spanish-speaking telephone surveys, we carefully incorporate dialect, slang and technical terms into all of our text-based surveys.  Clients maintain the option to retain any customer comments in Spanish or have our staff translate them in English.

Spanish Cards and Letters

Telcare has access to a wide variety of Spanish Language Greeting Cards, and can also create any type of custom card for your specific needs.  In addition, Spanish-language follow-up letters are created on a custom basis.

For all your Spanish language client retention and customer satisfaction needs, please contact Telcare today.