Clubs & Associations

Telcare knows that your club’s or association’s members want to feel proud to be members of your organization.  Being a member means being a part of something, being part of a community of people that you have something in common with, a very special thing.

One of our clients, Matt Lambert, CCM, General Manager of The Country Club at Mirasol knows all about making his members / residents feel special:

Mirasol Country Club“As the general manager of a golf and country club with over 1,000 homes, it is imperative that I keep the lines of communication open with the residents in my community. Telcare administered our latest member survey, and we were thrilled with the results we received!

Telcare proved to be very knowledgeable and experienced with the type of survey we needed, and we were very pleased with their level of professionalism and flexibility to our needs. We particularly appreciated Telcare’s online reporting tools, because they allowed us to structure the results in a format that suited both our needs and the needs of our members.

The survey helped us identify the expectations of our membership, and as a result, we expect to achieve a higher level of satisfaction with our members. We look forward to working with Telcare again on our next survey.”

Types of Clubs and Associations

The following three types of clubs and associations can benefit greatly from Telcare’s membership retention services.  On our Online Survey Reports site, the results of the surveys can be easily cross-tabulated by department, member/sales rep, store, or region to show you exactly where the improvements need to be made and which member or sales reps need coaching or rewarding.

  1. Country clubs and golf clubs must maintain a high-level of member satisfaction in order to successfully promote their communities.
  2. Business Associations such as local Chambers of Commerce, trade industry groups, and women/minority/small business organizations can all benefit from a strong retention program.
  3. Gyms, Athletic Clubs, Discount Clubs, and other Consumer Groups need to retain members just as much as they need to grow.
  4. Charitable Organizations need to treat their donors as customers.

The first three types of clubs above would benefit greatly from this simple to administer and low cost member retention program:

  • Hand-signed Thank you Card upon joining
  • 90-day check in short telephone survey to see if their initial experience was positive
  • 11-month annual comprehensive member benefit survey performed one month before renewal opportunity (phone, mailed, web) – survey preceded by one-week with a custom card or letter announcing the survey
  • Hand-signed Thank You for Your Renewal card or letter, possibly citing some of the improvements planned as a result of the survey
  • Hand-signed Holiday card (Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays) just to say you appreciate them

For charitable or non-profit organizations, we suggest incorporating a series of hand-signed cards strategically timed for specific campaigns.

To obtain a quote for these great programs, please contact Telcare today.