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Telcare Targets Profitable Growth through Customer Retention

There is only one question in this industry: Will they buy their next gun, ammunition, optics, or accessories from you or your competition?

The answer depends completely on how your company strives to distinguish itself from the gun-shooting-at-target-webcompetition. Your customers have the awesome power to keep you in business, or not. Committing to an ongoing customer retention program with Telcare puts you back in the target’s sweet spot. Knowledge is power, and Telcare specializes in obtaining that customer satisfaction knowledge for you in a high quality, simple, but low cost way.

“It’s 6-7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer.”

“US companies lose 50% of their customers every 5 years.”

“A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25-95%.”

Source: Bain & Co. study in the Harvard Business Review

Product Satisfaction Research Surveys

Want to know what your shooters like and don’t like about your product? Let us find out for you. We can conduct comprehensive research surveys by telephone, mail and even online. We obtain the detailed feedback for you, and give you easy to read in-depth response reports. These online custom reports allow you to cross-reference customer information with demographic, manufacturing, marketing, and product data – everything you need to make a better product that your customers will want to buy.


Customer Service Ratings Surveys

When your customers call, write or email you for service, they have an expectation of the level of service they will receive. Meeting and exceeding those expectations can lead to significantly higher customer retention and, therefore, more profitable growth. Telcare surveys your customers AFTER they have received service from you. The result is specific customer service rep ratings that you can use to improve training and give rewards. This detailed feedback will uncover cumbersome procedures and problematic policies in your service practices, giving you the information you need to improve your operations.  Check out our Online Survey Reports for examples of our reports.


Dealer & Distributor Relationship Surveys

As a manufacturer, your dealer and/or distributor channel is vital to your success.  Do you know if your dealers and/or distributors are satisfied with the support that they receive from you?  Telcare can survey your channel to determine their level of satisfaction with your response time to their calls, accuracy of shipments, adequacy of training and literature, and general support provided.  Our combination of quantitative results mixed with our straight talk verbatim comments will give you the data you need to make your dealer/distributor relationships shine.  Here’s an example of the type of reports you would receive. Then watch your profits grow!


Warranty Registration Forms – Data Capture & Reporting

Are you capturing warranty information? Are you inundated by postcards that haven’t been entered into your database? Are you mining your warranty database for new and repeat business? Let Telcare handle the whole process for you. We can receive the postcard through our Business Reply Permit, enter the customer’s identification information along with any demographic or product information on the card. Or we can import your database into our servers. Either way, the end result will be a pool of very valuable information available to you 24/7 via our online report catalog. We will also assist you in designing or re-designing your postcard forms to capture the maximum customer specific information. When it’s all done, we show you how to use all this data to target key customer subsets for profitable marketing programs on an ongoing basis.


Specialty in Female Customer Retention

Telcare has a long history of working in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry to raise awareness and increase female customer retention. Telcare’s president, Bobra Bush, has served on the State Board of Directors for the Florida RV Trade Association.  In addition, Bush has been a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners since 1994, winning several local, state, and national awards. Telcare is a women-owned business serving the RV industry since 1993, giving us a unique view of the outdoor world. We can assist you in making sure your customer retention programs include elements important to your women shooters.


Call Telcare today to find out how we can assist you in focusing on your customer retention target for profitable growth.