Mailed Surveys

Even in our electronic age, many organizations still use mailed or paper surveys for their satisfaction and market research.  The lower costs associated with mailed surveys affords your organization the luxury of reaching more customers using the same budget.  Mailed surveys work well when attempting to obtain negative feedback from dissatisfied customers.

Survey Design

PhotoTelcare will work closely with you to design a survey form which promotes higher response rates, while gently probing for the details you need.  Because response rates tend to be lower for mailed surveys over telephone surveys, the visual design of the survey form takes on a critical role.  We use a significant amount of white space and overestimate the area needed for comments to achieve an eye-pleasing design.  Surveys can be in the form of:

  • postcards
  • oversized postcards
  • single or multiple letter-sized sheets
  • single or multiple folded 11×17 sheets

Project Logistics

After the survey form is developed, Telcare will print the surveys with any database information pre-coded, so that respondents don’t have to write their names, addresses, etc.  Our high speed mailing equipment inserts, seals and stamps the survey package.

Response Returns

Telcare owns a Business Reply license, so that your mailed survey responses come back to us.  We then scan each response using high-accuracy scanning equipment.  We also perform a random response verification on each batch.  Each comment is manually typed to ensure a verbatim report.  The data and comments are posted to our database, and immediately available to you via our Online Survey Report system.

Telcare has successfully sent hundreds of thousands of mailed surveys on behalf of our clients.  Please contact our team today to learn more.