Online Survey Reports

Customer Satisfaction Survey Measurement Tools

On our secure survey site, get custom reports for your telephone, mailed, web / email and text /sms surveys, which give you detailed measurements of responses from your customer satisfaction surveys.

customer satisfaction survey measurementNo matter what type of survey instrument is used for your business research surveys, you can get up-to-the minute survey response data when you need it!  Telcare has developed a robust online business survey response report package on our survey site that gives you the data you need in the format you need it.  There’s no software to install and no licenses to obtain.  All reports are run using a standard web browser.

Your business research data for all your survey instruments is managed in a real-time modern database, giving us maximum flexibility and capacity for your small and large surveys alike.  We start by offering an array of standard survey reports at no charge:

Standard Free Reports

Custom Reports

We develop custom reports for your specific needs using Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel and post them on our survey site.  Due to the flexibility of these software packages, we can provide many different charts and views including standard tabulations, cross-tabulations, along with a multitude of charts such as bar, line, pie and dual axis for survey analysis of the results.

Reports can be saved and printed in an Adobe pdf format, making it easy to incorporate any of our reports in your Power Point presentations.  In addition, we can provide you with the option to download both raw and calculated data in Excel format, so that you can do additional manipulation or graphing for more detailed measurement of customer satisfaction survey results.

Report Filters

business impact analysis survey reportWhen running both our standard and custom online business survey reports, you can filter your data by almost any combination of keys.  For example, you could run a report for a range of dates, a particular sales region, and a certain product model, all at the same time!  In addition to survey completion dates, we have several other dates fields as well as alpha/numeric fields that can combine to filter the survey responses enabling you to drill down to the specifics you need for your business research.  The type of survey instrument you use, along with the initial customer data you provide will often dictate the type of filters and reports available on the survey site.

Our Online Survey Reports system is so flexible, we can’t begin to give you enough examples of how we can slice your survey results to give you the details you need to create a positive impact on your business.  Please contact Telcare today to learn more.