Your company strives to distinguish itself from your competition, and there is no fiercer competition than in the Telecommunications industry.  Whether you are a small or large  service provider, your clients have the awesome power to keep you in business, or not.  Committing to an ongoing client retention program with Telcare puts you back in the driver’s seat.  Knowledge is power, and Telcare specializes in obtaining that telecom customer retention and satisfaction knowledge for you in a high quality, simple, but low cost way.

MotorolaTelcare has served Motorola extensively for over 13 years in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, and Singapore, performing hundreds of thousands of customer satisfaction surveys.  Just ask Karina Sanchez, Service Manager iDEN Mexico, from Motorola.  Karina’s team works directly with Nextel Mexico to supply them with Motorola iDEN mobile phones and warranty support services.  Telcare’s Spanish Language surveys help her team give Nextel Mexico the detailed customer feedback they need.

“The Motorola Mexico team is very happy with Telcare’s open communication and their effective recommendations for improvements to the Nextel customer satisfaction survey process.  The real success story is Telcare’s willingness to make changes to the process, and improve the way that Nextel, Motorola’s customer, receives the survey data.  Although, Telcare has been performing these surveys to Mexico for six years, after only 6 months on the new custom Online Survey Reports tool, Nextel is seeing value in the survey data and using it to improve internal processes throughout Mexico.”

We’ve split most Telecommunications Carriers into two categories, Direct and Indirect.  If you are like most of the world’s telecom providers, you do a little or a lot of both.  The following describes what we mean and offers you great retention ideas that get you that all important knowledge while promoting referrals and repeat business.  On our Online Survey Reports site, the results of the surveys can be cross-tabulated by department, service, region, store/dealer, and any other demographic information or product specification to show you exactly where the improvements need to be made and which staff needs coaching or rewarding.


If your company mostly sells your services directly to the customer, you hope that the customer will eventually return to add more services, and even better, to refer their friends and associates, Telcare recommends the following customer retention program:

  • Hand-signed Thank You card upon completion of purchase with a referral reward
  • Appropriately timed short telephone survey to see if their experience of both the purchase and the service was positive
  • Short telephone survey following repair visits, allowing you to capture technician or service center representative repair experience ratings
  • Short telephone survey following customer call-in to your service centers, allowing you to monitor service representative experience ratings
  • Comprehensive survey performed a few weeks before contract renewal opportunity



If your company mostly sells your services indirectly through stores or a dealer/distributor channel, you end up having two customers, the end customer and the store (or dealer) owner, which is often called the internal customer.  Taking care of both of those customers is the key to a successful customer retention program.  In this case, you would combine the appropriate elements of the above Direct program with the following Indirect elements geared toward your internal customer, the dealer or store:

  • 90-day check in short telephone survey with the dealer or store owner to see if their initial experience with your firm and product has been positive and uncover any problems quickly
  • Comprehensive survey performed one month before renewal opportunity (phone, mailed, web) – survey preceded by one-week with a custom card or letter announcing the survey to the store or dealer owner
  • Hand-signed Thank You for Your Renewal card or letter, possibly citing some of the improvements planned as a result of the survey along with a referral reward
  • Hand-signed Holiday card (Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays) just to say you appreciate them

To obtain a quote for either of these great programs, please contact Telcare today.