Market Research

Telcare is your partner for market research.  When you need to know what your customers are thinking, we can assist you in finding the answers.  Telcare provides Survey Development & Consulting services which will assess your project, assist you in choosing a method, design the survey, and analyze the results.

Market Research differs from satisfaction surveys in that you are asking the “what-if” questions, instead of the “how was” questions.

PhotoHere are some of the market research questions you might want to ask your customers, employees, members, guests, or dealers?

  • What if we introduced…?
  • What would you pay for…?
  • How important to you is…?
  • How often would you use…?
  • What are you plans for…?

Telcare can assist you in analyzing the responses to discover where you should be spending your internal investments.  GAP analysis, which we provide, is very helpful to know how important something is versus any other aspect.  For example, would you roll out a new product if they show a high level of interest in a new product, but show a low importance ranking in its key feature?

Telcare knows how to make sense of the most complex questions when it comes to market research.  Please contact our team today to learn more.