Telephone Surveys

Measure Client Satisfaction Through Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys remain the most effective method of surveying for determining client satisfaction.  Although more costly than mail (paper) and web-based surveys, the significant advantages of telephone surveys often pay for themselves due to the depth of the data obtained.  Also, our telephone survey agents have real-time connections to our database, which means that your telephone survey results can be seen real-time on our Online Survey Reports site.

Why Telephone Surveys?

telephone client satisfaction surveyWe often obtain a significantly higher response rate, which is perfect for customer satisfaction programs, because the person being surveyed doesn’t have to “act”, meaning write and fold or type and click.  They get to sit back and just talk, making this method a passive, no-work experience.

We obtain more detailed comments, because the agent can ask for the details and probe for specifics!  We also obtain comments that might not be written or typed in a paper/online survey specifically because that requires writing or typing instead of talking.

With telephone client satisfaction surveys, our advanced custom software program allows our agents to branch and skip ahead seamlessly.  Paper surveys don’t allow this without cumbersome instructions which are rarely followed correctly, and online surveys don’t have the flexibility that a human being does.

Our professional agents facilitate avoiding non-response or skipped questions.  If the called party doesn’t have a response, the agent can gently probe for the reason, whereas that question would simply be mysteriously skipped on a paper or online survey.  Similarly, our agents can quickly rephrase a question to facilitate a better understanding of meaning of the question.

Because we say that we are calling “on behalf of” your organization, the customer feels more free to say what is on their mind.  They recognize that the agent is simply an objective, albeit compassionate, conduit.  For example, if the salesperson that sold or serviced them made the call, they might not be as honest because, a) they’ve met them face to face making the call confrontative, and even more important, b) they might have to deal with them again in the future!

We can confirm that the person we are speaking to is the right survey contact.  Often times, when attempting to perform a telephone survey, we encounter a survey contact who was not involved in the business carried out by our client.  Our agents are trained to find the person most familiar with the transaction being researched.

Finally, our flexible pricing models allow us to offer you your choice of multiple call attempts.  Based on your budget, we will attempt to reach each survey contact as many or as few times as specified.

Hot Emails

PhotoOne of our most beneficial services allows for immediate action. Within one business hour, we will email a “negative” survey to the designated person or group. Along with our assistance, you determine what types and quantities of responses are considered negative, and therefore, are cause for alerting you via email. Potential dissatisfaction issues can be reversed before they have time to fester and become unmanageable.  The email contains all the customer’s contact information, the responses to all the questions, and any verbatim comments – everything you need to respond quickly.

Telephone surveys to increase customer satisfaction is definitely in the category of getting more bang for your survey buck!  Please contact our team today to learn more.