Customer Appreciation Gifts


Gratitude Cookies

A Telcare Strategic Partnership

Show Appreciation for Your Customers with Zen Rabbit

Up to 68% of customers will leave your business,
not because you’ve done anything egregiously wrong,
but simply because they don’t feel you appreciate their business.

Don’t ASSUME they know you value their business. TELL them!

Telcare has partnered with Zen Rabbit, maker of the world-famous Gratitude CookieTM, to provide you with a fantastic tool for letting your customers know how much you appreciate their business.

Zen Rabbit specializes in helping business people create a system yourlogoherewebfor acknowledging and recognizing the people who support their success. The main tool they use for doing that is The Gratitude CookieTM, which is so named for two reasons. 1. If you’re giving a package to someone, you’re showing thankfulness for your relationship. 2. Eaters are encouraged to think about something they’re grateful for as they’re munching each one.

The monthly Gratitude Program allows you to create packages customized with your logo and message for consistently saying thank you to customers, referral sources, employees and anyone else who contributes to the well-being of your business. Differentiate your business from the competition, build a stronger relationship with your clients and make someone’s day. Find out more by contacting Zen Rabbit at 561-889-8195.