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Client Retention Through Satisfaction Surveys

Your company strives to distinguish itself from your competition.  Whether you provide weekly payroll to a large company or provide temporary clerical staff to small businesses, your clients have the awesome power to keep you in business, or not.  Committing to an ongoing client satisfaction and retention program with Telcare puts you back in the driver’s seat.  Knowledge is power, and Telcare specializes in obtaining that client satisfaction knowledge for you in a high quality, simple, but low cost way with surveys.

Just ask Kathleen Rainey, Sr. V.P. of Operations and Human Resources, for Oasis Outsourcing, an innovative PEO (Professional Employer Organization).  Telcare assists Oasis in managing their ongoing client relationships.

Oasis Outsourcing“We have been extremely pleased with the level of service and excellence that Telcare has provided to us over the past 5 years.  They have been an important part of our ability to identify key strategic components and implementation plans in our ongoing effect to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction.”

The following describes great retention ideas that get you that all important knowledge while promoting referrals and repeat business.  On our Online Survey Reports site, the results of the surveys can be easily cross-tabulated by department, salesrep, client service rep, region or any other demographic information to show you exactly where the improvements need to be made and which staff need coaching or rewarding.

PEO & Payroll

PEO and Payroll firms have two levels of customers, the business owner as the client and the client’s employees.  Because some firms have direct contact with both levels, taking care both is the key to the following client retention and satisfaction program:

  • Hand-signed Thank You card upon initial contract signing by client with a referral reward
  • 90-day check in short telephone survey to the client to see if their initial experience has been positive and uncover any problems quickly
  • Short employee PEO or Payroll survey (phone, mailed, web) after initial enrollment in payroll and/or benefits
  • Comprehensive client satisfaction survey performed one month before renewal opportunity (phone, mailed, web) – survey preceded by one-week with a custom card or letter announcing the survey
  • Short client telephone survey after a merger to newly acquired client base
  • Hand-signed client Thank You for Your Renewal card or letter, possibly citing some of the improvements planned as a result of the survey along with a referral reward
  • Hand-signed client and/or employee Holiday card (Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays) just to say you appreciate them



Whether your firm makes a single placement to a small client or ongoing placements throughout the year to larger clients, Telcare recommends the following client retention/satisfaction program:

  • Hand-signed Thank You card upon completion of placement service with a referral reward
  • Appropriately timed short telephone survey to see if their experience during the staffing effort and with the placement was positive
  • Hand-signed Holiday card (Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays) just to say you appreciate them
  • Hand-signed card or letter to invite them back in several months or a year with a repeat business reward

To obtain a quote for either of these great programs, please contact Telcare today.