Web / Email Surveys

Web-based and email surveys are the most inexpensive form of research due to the free delivery of email.  In addition, the flexibility of the web and emails make designing an eye-catching survey form that much easier.

Web-based Surveys

6627332For web-based surveys, you are usually sent an email with a link to a website.  When you click on that link, your web browser takes you to the survey.  One option at this point is to capture customer’s information from the link click, or to allow a blind response.  Keep this in mind when performing employee surveys, as the blind option is more desirable.

Once the browser takes you to the survey, you simply respond the questions by clicking on responses, and if desired, typing comments.  At the end, you might have an option to review all your responses, and then submit your responses.

Email-based Surveys

Email-based surveys contain the actual questions inside the body of the email.  You click on the responses and type comments much like the above web-based version, but all this is happening inside the email.  The submit button at the end of the survey works sort of an email reply by sending your responses to the survey originator.

Survey Design

Telcare will work closely with you to choose a survey method and design which promotes higher response rates, while gently probing for the details you need.  Although the cost of these surveys are significantly less than telephone and mailed surveys, that benefit comes at a different cost, spam/junk.  These surveys often end up in junk or spam folders or are blocked outright by spam controllers.  As such, you will want to consider if you will receive enough returns to make the data statistically significant.  Telcare can assist you with these statistical calculations.

Project Logistics

After the survey is developed, Telcare will assist you in posting the survey with an online survey tool that best meets your needs.

Response Returns

Once the survey is closed, Telcare will download the data from the online survey tool and provide easy to read reports, usually in Excel, and built with your specifications.

Telcare will assist you in navigating the technical world of web-based and emailed surveys.  Please contact our team today to learn more.