Text – SMS Surveys

Mobile Marketing Survey Campaigns

The onslaught of text messaging (SMS) in the US has spawned a new survey method now available for customer satisfaction and market research.  A few survey questions, usually requiring a single number or word response, can be texted to your customers as a survey.  Text/SMS Survey FAQs

Think about how powerful this could be?

5531648Example:  You own a coffee shop.  A customer comes in and buys a coffee and a doughnut.  During the transaction, the server requests the customer’s cell phone number in exchange for a coupon for a free cup of coffee on their next visit.

You send Telcare a batch of cell phone numbers.  We send out a text to each one asking them to rate their overall experience that day at your shop, reminding them of the coupon if they respond.  They reply with a numeric rating, and if they desire, any comments.  Telcare replies back again with a coupon number.

Telcare’s database is updated to reflect their response, and the data immediately becomes available on the Online Survey Reports site.

Do you want to know more about how Text/SMS Surveys work?  Please review our detailed Text/SMS Survey FAQs.

Text messaging of surveys is the new frontier for market research, and Telcare is your partner in that journey.  Please contact our team today to learn more.