Who Should You Survey?

Business, Client, and Employee Surveys

Let Telcare take the mystery out of your customer’s satisfaction history!

business client surveysCustomers / Clients: Customers and clients deserve the opportunity to give you feedback about your business through client surveys for one-time purchases, single service visits, multiple-transaction purchases or services, and especially ongoing service arrangements. Whether you sell cars, RVs and boats, provide home improvements and repairs, obtain financial packages such as mortgages or insurance, supply corporate services such as payroll and staffing, or furnish any other product or service, you need Telcare to tell your customers you care.

Employees: Your staff is your internal customer and should be checked in with using employee surveys at least once a year to obtain feedback on all aspects of their employment arrangement with you, such as pay, working conditions, management, opportunities, training, expectations, and their ideas about your business. The best method forgetting feedback from your employees is web-based surveys, because they can be performed anonymously, and your staff doesn’t have to fear retribution for honest, but perhaps negative comments.

Guests: Repeat business is the bread and butter of the hospitality, hotel, motel, resort, and spa industry. Target customer satisfaction by finding out how your guests felt about their entire experience will give you the information you need to increase the likelihood of their return to you.

Members: Clubs and Associations can increase their membership roles to target customer satisfaction by routinely reaching out to their members. Knowing which member benefits are working well and being used will afford you the knowledge to improve your offerings.

Dealers / Distributors: Manufacturers and wholesalers can benefit greatly from determining the satisfaction of their customers, often referred to as their dealer or distributor channel. Many dealers and distributors often carry more than one manufacturer’s products. Satisfied dealers and distributors will sell more of your product than your competitors’.

Spanish Speaking / Spanish Language: Telcare’s special team of bi-lingual telephone survey agents and operations staff can make reaching out to your Spanish speaking customers easy, even if you don’t speak a word of the Spanish Language! If you require other languages such as French or Portuguese, please don’t hesitate to contact us as well.